Magentaspreen (Baby Leaf)

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For a mixed salad simply cut and chop a few leaves and pop them in your salad bowl – the leaves and stem tips are "dusted" with beautiful iridescent magenta, Magentaspreen can also be cooked.

The magenta colour rubs off and was once used as an alternative to lipstick!  Do keep an eye on these as the leaves are less tender when they grow larger... and they can grow - the alternative name is Tree Spinach and plants can each over 100cms so do pull them out before this and resow!   Price for 100 seeds

SOW & GROW: from March onwards to September (protect late sowings from frost).  Sow sparingly a pinch every few weeks for a supply of young leaves.  They prefer sun but will grow, with less colouring, in the shade. 

EAT: cut the plants when 10-15 tall.  You can simply cut or chop a few leaves into a mixed salad.  Wilt them in a little butter in a pan, add to stir fry or steam and serve with olive oil and lemon juice.  

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