Artichoke Romanesco

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These statuesque plants can reach 200cm tall, a real statement in your veg plot or your garden border.  For eating you are looking for the tight globe flower buds, beautifully tinged dark red/purple.  These are later to mature than green varieties but need to be picked to savour before they flower.  If you have room to let some burst into bloom they will be appreciated by bees and insects as they are a great source of nectar. Your harvest will be in the second year – any buds in the first year ought to be removed so the plant can concentrate on growing.  Well developed plants can stay productive for 4-5 years.                                        Price for 6 seeds


Sow seeds indoors in February or March, sow outdoors from March to July


We are often asked how to prepare and eat artichokes….

Pick then soak the flower buds in salt water for a couple of hours, rinse, boil until tender, and then serve with butter. Forget any thought of good manners: use your fingers to remove the fleshy scales one at a time, clamp between the teeth and strip the flesh off!  Scrummy!

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