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There are well over 50 varieties of basil… we have put a bunch together that between them can be described as aromatic, sweet, tangy, intense, bold & beautiful. With such a rich array to experiment with you can try them all out to discover your perfect basil for any particular dish.  Each packet contains 50 seeds.

This collection contains one packet each of...

Holy ~ this ancient variety, originating in India, is a small pretty plant with pinky-mauve stems, purple tinged leaves & deep purple stems.  In warmer weather the purple turns a deeper shade.  Aromatic and sweet.

Mrs Burns Lemon ~ sweet and tangy, an intense flavour.  Can be grown all year round indoors. This AGM winner hails from New Mexico. Use in salad, vinaigrette, cheese or egg meals, with summer vegetables, fish and poultry or fruits, puddings and cakes – wherever you want a lemony flavour without the sharpness of lemon juice      

Red Rubin ~ aromatic dark red-purple leaves with pink flowers: looks stunning and tastes delicious.  This is the variety for adding colour in salads as well as adding flavour to casseroles, roast meat and fish.

Sweet ~ this is the most popular basil: it really does have a beautiful flavour.  It is very successful in pots, easy to look after. Use the young leaves whole: great with pasta and salads.  It combines very well with garlic in cooking. 

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Basil, Holy
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Basil, Mrs Burns Lemon
1 pack(s)
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Basil, Red Rubin
1 piece(s)
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Basil, Sweet naturally nurtured seed
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