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You can make every salad you put together unique simply by adding a bit of this and a bit of that from your very own salad herb garden.  My top tip is to take a mug, pop in a few herby bits that take your fancy, quick wash then use scissors to chop in the mug (it stops all the little bits escaping and makes them easy to mix) now scatter over your salad bowl. 

Now to be a little geeky…with 8 ingredients you will have 255 unique flavoured salads and that is before you have experimented with changing the quantities of each one!!!

This collection contains one packet each of...

Boragewith edible flowers and young leaves; this beautiful plant is very attractive to bees.  Pick the flowers for use fresh or for freezing or drying when they are just fully open.  Harvest young leaves in the summer – they are lovely chopped into salads or added to yogurt dip or mayonnaise  (25 seeds)

Chervildelicious and takes just 6-8 weeks to reach harvesting size or cut even younger to use as a baby salad green  (50 seeds)            

Chivesa mild onion flavour is released when the leaves are cut for use in salads, soups and sandwiches.  They are easy to grow and will provide your garden with lovely little ball headed flowers  (50 seeds)

Coriander Cadiza nice compact habit with lovely large leaves and a really good flavour     (50 seeds)

Iceplantlovely ornamental edible edge with daytime flowering and fleshy leaves: use these succulent leaves as seasoning in salads for a refreshing slightly salty flavour.  (150 seeds) 

Korean Mintaromatic leaves with a flavour between mint & basil: chop leaves & add to salad.  Other culinary uses too.  Added bonus of spikes of flowers from July onwards fab for bees or cutting. (100 seeds)

Lemon Bergamot with a lemony aroma this vigorous plant can grow to 75cm. Although this plant can be a biennial you will get the best flavours from the first year’s young growth so grow as an annual.  The bright and fresh citrusy, flavour works well in salad mixes and also pairs well with cucumber, feta and other mild cheeses.  (25 seeds)

Salad Burnetthe young cucumber flavoured leaves are used, as its name suggests, for salad.  It is an evergreen herb that can be harvested almost all year round.  (50 seeds)   

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Chervil, Curly
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Chives naturally nurtured seed
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Coriander, Cadiz
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Korean Mint
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Bergamot , Lemon
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Salad Burnet
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