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             Great March Offers to start Spring .   





 Corn_Salad_Elan  lettuce_black_seeded_simpson  rocket_dentellata

Start your home grown salads now: one packet each of Corn Salad Elan, Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson, Rocket Dentellata & Spring Onion Entita

Fantastic Value at £2.15



              tomato_Berner_Rose  tomato_first_in_the_field  TOMATO_OUTDOOR_GIRL

SBuy now for delectable deliciousness, one packet each of Berner Rose, First in the Field & Outdoor Girl


Enjoy for £1.50





 SPINACH_Trombone_F1  spinach_avon_f1  spinach_Reflect_f1

Unbeatable freshness and flavour, one packet each of Avon F1, Reflect F1 & Trombone F1

       Super choices for £1.65


         Important Advice For Orders  From EU Countries  


As there is still much confusion regarding th UK’s exit from the EU we have to prepare for a ‘no deal’ situation. 


This means that we will not be allowed to send seeds outside of the UK to the EU.  From Saturday 16th March we will have to withdraw the ability to order for delivery into EU countries.  This has to be done on the 16th to ensure orders already placed by then can be delivered by the 29th March (the current exit day).


We hope this situation is only temporary so that we can soon send seeds to our many valued customers across the EU.


Please not that this does not affect orders for delivery to UK addresses.



          Fantastic Choices in Both Popular and Unusual Varieties

Tomato salad vegetable seeds section      carrot vegetable seeds section        chilli vegetable seeds section

Tomatoes  TastyChoices          Carrots 30+ Tasty Choices               Chilli many hot Choices


 beans unusual section herb seeds selection flower seeds selection

 Unusual Beans and pods             Huge Herb Section with 60+       Fantastic Range of 100+ Flower Choices 


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You have found the best place for affordable high quality seeds to sow, grow, eat and enjoy. Look out for lots of new choices amongst our range of 1100+ varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and green manures.  All are packed in perfectly sized packets for garden growers, with lots of growing information and ideas for eating. Our monthly special offers and seed collections will help you save money too.








Free P & P for U.K. Seed orders of £12.00 and over. Check this link for other rates.


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