CHILLI TIME                          Get your Chillies off to a flying start: you can sow seeds from mid spring; they like moist compost and barely need covering. Keep somewhere warm and light, on a window sill (beware night time chills) or in a propagator. Transplant when they have three true leaves. Pot on again for sturdy, well rooted plants. For outdoor growing harden off gradually and plant out when about 10-15cm tall or pop them into your greenhouse. Indoor plants like moist soil and more humid air; misting your plants can also help the fruit set. Money and space saving options: three chilli mix (50p for 9 seeds, 3 varieties) five chilli mix (75p for 15 seeds, 5 varieties), hot collection (4 varieties for £1.50) milder collection (4 varieties for £1.50) or 16 individual varieties from just 50p a packet