Lavender Feature

               This month we are featuring Lavender, an autumn sowing herb

There is little that can equal English Lavender and now is the time to start the seeds off and enjoy this wonderful plant for years to come (just 50p for 50 seeds)

Lavender Vera, the true English Lavender, grows into a compact, hardy, evergreen shrub with silver-blue foliage and mauve flowers. Plant it by doors and pathways, where it's delightful scent can be fully appreciated. Well known as a dried ingredient for potpourri and sachets; less well known is the centuries of use as a culinary herb and it is now enjoying a well deserved revival for kitchen use. Sow the seeds in the autumn in trays or plugs, cover with perlite & give them bottom heat of 4-10°C. For the winter keep the seedlings in a cold greenhouse or cold well ventilated conservatory with minimal watering.

Our seeds come with two recipes for you to enjoy, one for shortbread and one jam – simply divine.