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 At MoreVeg you will discover more than...


1100 - The number of varieties of delicious vegetables, tasty herbs, fabulous flowers and helpful green manures
665 - The number of our seed varieties that cost just 50p each
60 – The number of special offers and collections during the year to help you save even more money & help you grow your own garden feast
1st  - We post 1st class to you, we aim to give you 1st class service, our range is 1st class, our seeds are 1st for freshness, choice and value
Sow, grow, eat and enjoy MoreVeg seeds: you can write reviews of your favourate varieties and recommend them too.




           Get Set For Spring With These Great Offers.



     TOMATO_OUTDOOR_GIRL  tomato_first_in_the_field


Lots of you have been asking for this offer to return and here it is – three stunning varieties of tomatoes that are happy outside or in, are happy in cooler weather or locations, and will make you happy with their tasty and plentiful crops


First in the Field

Outdoor Girl

Sub Arctic Plenty

Full price £1.75   Enjoy the flavours and 25% off -  £1.25




       corn_salad_medallion  rocket_esmee  senposai_greens


Here are four tasty varieties ready to sow now and give you delicious flavours to munch on as the weather warms up through spring & early summer


Corn Salad Medallion, Rocket Esmee

Semposai Greens and Spring Onion Lilia

Full price £2.00 - Spring into spring with 25% off -  £1.50





    lettuce_Arianna  lettuce_great_lakes  lettuce_red_salad_bowl     

Where do you start with 40+ varieties currently available?  RIGHT HERE with our great selection of varieties for you to enjoy!


Arianna, Cimmaron, Buttercrunch

Great Lakes and Red & Green Salad bowl

Full price £2.50 - A Bonanza of flavour & save 30% -£1.65



   beetroot_jannis cabbage_pixie CARROT_SUGARSNAX

Four of our top choices for sowing this month: grow variety for fun and flavour; never be swamped by your harvest with our sensible sized packets


Beetroot Jannis – very versatile: use in salads or cook the beets, leaves and stems

Cabbage Pixie –  compact pointed variety, can be close spaced in small plots

Carrot Sugarsnax F1 – tender & sweet for salads or for cooking

Radish Comet - almost perfectly round and ruby red, crisp and delicious    

 Full price £2.00 - Save yourself 25%, just -  £1.50


STOP PRESS .... Beautiful New Sweet Pea Varieties Now Available 

                                                                        .... also Edamame Bean Elena back in stock!

sweet_pea_old_price_matucana    beans_edamame



    Fantastic Choices in Both Popular and Unusual Varieties

Tomato salad vegetable seeds section      carrot vegetable seeds section        chilli vegetable seeds section

Tomatoes 69 TastyChoices   Carrots 42 Tasty Choices       Chilli 33 Tasty Choices


 beans unusual section herb seeds selection flower seeds selection

 Unusual Beans and pods   Huge Herb Selection       Fantastic Range of Flowers






A little of what our customers say.....

 " I was amazed to receive my seeds today, having only ordered them yesterday afternoon, that is very impressive. Nice clear instructions too, will definitely recommend you to others and order more from you in the future, it's great to just be able to order small amounts at such good prices. Keep up the good work! " Debbie D, Lacashire

 "Just sent you this year's order, and wanted to say how great last year's seeds were. The lettuces in particular and the squash collection was brilliant. More Veg is such a great company - wishing you all the very best for this season." Heidi T, Norfolk   










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