Tomato Fiaschetto

Tomato Fiaschetto

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TOMATO FIASCHETTO~ this sweet and juicy Italian heirloom was rescued only a few years ago and seed is still very rare 12 seeds

SOW & GROW: about 6-8 weeks before the last frost is expected sow in modules, cover or put on a windowsill. Traditionally they were sown on St Joseph’s Day, March 19th Pot up and grow on before hardening off after frost danger has passed & plant in the greenhouse or in a sunny sheltered part of your garden. For the best flavour keep soil evenly damp (don’t over-water or overfeed). Fiaschetto, is determinate and being prolific may need support. The fruits have a very distinctive ‘flask’ shape, reminiscent of ancient amphorae. Lovely eaten off the vine or made into delicious sauces and chutney

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