Sweet Corn Luscious F1 naturally nurtured seed

Sweet Corn Luscious F1 naturally nurtured seed

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SWEETCORN LUSCIOUS F1 ~ luscious by name and nature: lovely flavoured bicolour cobs 20 seeds SOW: inside from mid April to early May in deep pots, or from May to June outside. GROW: harden off when about 15cm tall. Plant out after frost danger has passed: in a block with the plants and rows about 30-50 cm apart. Sweetcorn is wind pollinated although you can help by tapping the tassels to encourage pollen to fall on the silks below. Luscious, a sugar enhanced variety, will grow tall. If you plot is windy then earthing up while growing will help encourage roots to anchor itself EAT: Cobs are ready when the juice from a kernel is ‘milky’ (unripe kernels produce watery juice). Simply pop the cobs into a pan of boiling water – serve with lashings of butter if feeling naughty!

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