Strawberry Mignonette

Strawberry Mignonette

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STRAWBERRY MIGNONETTE ~ a larger fruited alpine variety noted for both its fine flavour and aroma 50 seeds SOW: in autumn or spring, start them in a seed tray of soil-less compost. Barely cover the tiny seeds with finely sieved compost. Keep at 20°C until germination, ether on a warm window sill (move at night time) or in a propagator. Prick out when large enough and grow on in small pots. GROW: Harden off before planting out allow 5-30cm between plants. Make sure the space is weed free as they dislike competition. They like rich moisture-retaining soil, ideally in some shade. They will grow happily in containers. EAT: the 2cm conical fruits are a delight – grow them where you will walk past them and you will be the first to find (and eat) them!

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