Squash Crown Prince F1

Squash Crown Prince F1

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My vege garden favourite
from Anonymous on 11/05/2017
I grow crown in my tunnel and I get loads. Never a problem, tastes the best and last unbelievably long. They store really well in a cool dry room - May is the latest I have eaten the last.... while the next lot is forming flowers. I grow them every year.
from Anonymous on 15/10/2016
This is the third year I have grown this squash and my largest one was 4.5 kg. I think this is one of the best tasting squashes and it has only a small seed centre so lots of flesh. It stores really well - I ate my last year's last in April. I have found that I don't get more than one or two from each plant but have been told that hand pollination is the way to get more. I will be growing again - love it.

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