Melon Golden Beauty

Melon Golden Beauty

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MELON GOLDEN BEAUTY ~ a tough wrinkled rind that matures to a golden colour hides the firm white aromatic flesh, sweet with a hint of spicy richness. 4 seeds SOW: in February or March, one seed per pot, water, cover with polythene and keep at about 18°C until germinated. Uncover and grow on in a warm spot until they have 4 proper leaves. Sow in April if you can keep them frost free in the autumn. GROW: In the UK melons benefit from the warmth of the sun through glass and are best planted in the greenhouse or polytunnel or in a grow bag in a conservatory – they like the soil to be rich and moist. EAT: pick when they turn golden & enjoy. Store in a frost free place out of direct light to eat over the weeks ahead

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