Variegated Land Cress

Variegated Land Cress

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VARIEGATED LANDCRESS ~ distinctly green/gold variegated leaf with a soft spice flavour, both crisp and tangy 100 seeds SOW: at any time of the year: outdoors from March to August, at all other times it will need protection. You can sow directly into the soil at no more than 1cm deep. Alternatively sow in pots or seed trays, lightly cover with compost & keep at about 15°C until germinated (about 14 days). GROW: space plants about 15cm apart. They are happy in partial shade. You do need to keep them regularly watered in dry weather although they do not need huge amounts. EAT: enjoy the peppery tasting leaves in sandwiches and salads. Plants will give you a supply over a long period.

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