Chinese Broccoli KaiBroc

Chinese Broccoli KaiBroc

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CHINESE BROCCOLI KAIBROC ~ long tender, sweet and slender shoots for frequent cutting over a long season 20 seeds SOW & GROW: in spring and again in late summer/early autumn. You can start these in situ or in modules. This fast growing brassica needs about 15-20cm spacing between plants. The shoots and florets can be cut regularly over a long season as these plants will resprout and grow quickly. Your first cut can be taken after 7-9 weeks. Autumn production can continue into the winter unless the weather turns harsh EAT: chop into chunks or slice the stems and steam or stir fry. Use as an alternative to leeks, they go well with chicken & fish dishes. If you are using mature stems the outer skin may need peeling. Cook the florets as you would sprouting broccoli

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