Carrot Napoli F1

Carrot Napoli F1

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CARROT NAPOLI F1 ~ fine coloured roots (up to 20cm), consistent quality and good flavour all make it well worth growing 150 seeds SOW & GROW: February to August; under cloches or in cold frames in the spring but warm the soil with the cloches before sowing or wait for warmer weather. Remember to dig the soil thoroughly. Sowing before mid-March or late June/July can avoid the worst of the carrot fly. Earliest sowings can crop from June. April and May sowings will provide autumn carrots while later sowings can be harvested through the winter (protect from penetrating cold with straw). EAT: from summer salads to winter strews, from braise to soup, Napoli is as flexible in use as it is for sowing.

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