Broccoli White Eye

Broccoli White Eye

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BROCCOLI WHITE EYE ~ sweet and tender spears in profusion, an AGM winner 24 seeds SOW & GROW: in a seed bed or in pots in April or May, for harvest the following February/March. Plant out during the summer; leave about 50cm between plants. You may need to stake broccoli if your garden is not very sheltered as it is top heavy. Individual plants can crop for up to 8 weeks. Pick the flower shoot at the top before the flower buds open and then keep picking to encourage more shoots to develop but don’t strip a plant completely (or let it flower) as this will stop side shoots developing. EAT: For the best flavour steam the florets as soon as possible after cutting. Florets can be kept in the fridge in a poly bag for up to 3 days. Why not serve this with a purple variety for a multi-coloured feast?

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