Bean French Dwarf Barlotta Supremo Nano

Bean French Dwarf Barlotta Supremo Nano

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Did beautifully when sown direct.
from Anonymous on 14/09/2015
Impatient me! I wanted to harvest early so had sown a few of these in pots in a propagator in early April, but after a fornight, only one had come up. I gave up temporarily and got distracted with other allotment jobs, then when it came to June and I had quite a bit of space to fill, I just poked these randomly into warm soil all over the place - everywhere there was a gap! Within a few days they were up and thriving, producing masses of delicious ripening pods by August. Pretty, pink, easy to spot - and certainly abundant. I only wish I hadn't planted them in such a chaotic way - they are even poking out from the pumpkin patch and in between the sweetcorn.
Next year, I'll put them straight in the ground and let them get on with it - dead easy to grow and they support themselves as they're not too tall. An easy crop you can just plant and forget about.

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