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Flower Feature

Flower Feature

Flowers for September Sowing


                Flowers are a part of our range that can get overlooked: let’s face it we are called MoreVeg and we are very focused on all things edible.  Our flowers are a small range, you will find hundreds of choices offered elsewhere, but our flowers focus is on those that will bring pollinating insects to your plot (essential when growing veggies), flowers you can harvest for your house and those that you can eat.  And September is a great time to be planning and sowing for the year ahead.

Agrostemma - a cultivated white form of Corn Cockle.  Each bloom has 5 delicate white petals.  They flower in the summer but sowing them in the autumn allows the plants to develop over the winter and they will flower earlier in the year and produce even more flowers when you cut them.  Height to 100cm  Annual 

Ammi Majus - from the first bloom you will see why this is known as Laceflower: grow outside or undercover, the lovely large white flower heads bloom June to September.  Sowing in situ in September will give you the earliest flowers.  These are great as a cut flower, you can also dry them.  Height 100-140cm (will need staking in a windy site)   Annual

Foxglove - tall elegant spikes with upright trumpets of white, cream, pink and purple. Sowing in the autumn mimics the natural cycle of these plants, they don’t need any protection, and you can sow them in pots of scatter in prepared soil if you want to try for a more naturalised look. Foxgloves are very attractive for bees.  Height to 150cm (5ft)  Biennial  

Honesty – it is the show of papery seed heads that most think of with Honesty but the fragrant flowers are attractive to bees & butterflies in spring & early summer making this a good plant to bring in pollinators.  Height to 75cm   Biennial                 

Larkspur - indulge yourself with spires of deep blue flowers splashed with white to form glorious bicoloured blooms or choose Crown Blend for a riot of large flowers that are particularly good for cutting.  Autumn sowing allows a stronger plant to establish before flowering starts.  Height 100-120cm     Annual   

Limnanthes - a favourite for hoverflies (the aphid munching gardener’s friend) and bees too making it an excellent companion plant in the veggie garden. Limnanthes is widely known as the poached egg plant with its distinctive yellow saucer like flowers with white petal tips.  Ground hugging at just 15cm tall with the scented flowers from June (earlier from autumn sowings).  Annual    

Malva - the delicate, silky, pale-pink flowers have dramatic narrow stripes of purple radiating out from the centre. You can add leaves to your salads; the flowers can also be eaten but I prefer to leave them on the plant!  Flowers July to October.  Height to 120cm   Perennial

Papaver – autumn sow and over winter Black Peony and White Cloud for flowers from late spring.  These are stunning varieties, 70-100cm in height, both can be cut or left to be enjoyed in your garden.  Annual