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Look out for dozens of new choices amongst our range of more than 1100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and green manures.  All are packed in sensible quantities for garden growers.  With more than half of our range costing just 50p per packet, monthly special offers and lots of growing information and ideas for eating, you have found the best place for affordable high quality seeds to sow, grow, eat and enjoy.




                 Super September offers for This Month.   






         broccoli_raab  corn_salad_verte_de_cambrai   pea_douce_provence

With a busy harvest you will be creating spaces for more tasty veg for the weeks and months ahead!  September sow to grow more in your garden…

One packet each of:

Broccoli Raab Quarantina – 40 days to harvest

Corn Salad Verte de Cambrai – 12 weeks

Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons – an autumn beauty

Pea Douce Provance – lovely early peas next year

Rocket Napoli – add some warmth on cooler days!

Spinach Flamingo F1 – autumn and winter flavour

Full price £3.00        Six tasty choices for just £2.25


           mustard_leaf_suehihung  Oriental_Osaka_Purple  mustard_leaf_southern_giant_curled

Perfect flavour as the year winds down – a bit of peppery warmth for autumn salads and for cooking (steam, stir fry, add to soups and stews, wilt and pop into omelette).  Mustard leaves are milder when young or cooked.  And if they start to flower simply eat those too!

One packet each of:

Osaka Purple • Southern Giant  •  Suehlihung

Full price £2.50 with 40% off: feast for £1.50!


  mitsuba_mashimori  Leaf_Beet_Perpetual_Spinach  lettuce_winter_density

We love the fact that with these varieties we can choose to cook them on cooler days or eat then in a salad when the sun comes out

One packet each of:

Endive Soldata 

Lettuce Winter Density (yes this can be cooked)


Perpetual Spinach



        Full price £2.00     with 25% off: all yours for just £1.50



                     radish_malaga_violet  radish_saxa  RADISH_SPARKLER

Crisp and crunchy with a hint of pepperiness radishes are great in salads.  Their leaves in a salad or added to a frittata.  On cooler days try cooking your radishes: roast them with garlic and rosemary, stir fry them with spring onions and soy and lime juice, or caramelise them in butter with a touch of sugar


One packet each of:


Malagar Violet • Saxa • Sparkler


    Full price £1.50                             3 for 2, enjoy for £1.00









    Fantastic Choices in Both Popular and Unusual Varieties

Tomato salad vegetable seeds section      carrot vegetable seeds section        chilli vegetable seeds section

Tomatoes 60 TastyChoices          Carrots 40+ Tasty Choices               Chilli 28 Tasty Choices


 beans unusual section herb seeds selection flower seeds selection

 Unusual Beans and pods             Huge Herb Section with 80+       Fantastic Range of 140+ Flower Choices 






A little of what our customers say.....

 " I was amazed to receive my seeds today, having only ordered them yesterday afternoon, that is very impressive. Nice clear instructions too, will definitely recommend you to others and order more from you in the future, it's great to just be able to order small amounts at such good prices. Keep up the good work! " Debbie D, Lacashire

 "Just sent you this year's order, and wanted to say how great last year's seeds were. The lettuces in particular and the squash collection was brilliant. More Veg is such a great company - wishing you all the very best for this season." Heidi T, Norfolk   










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In this case the name really does say it all: this lettuce is super, it is red and it is a romaine!  The long spoon shaped leaves, turning to ruby with green veins, grow into a loose conical shape that can be 25-30cm tall.  This is an incredible edible with flavour, crunch and colour.

Price for 75 seeds.

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Flower Feature

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