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 We have more than 1100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and green manures all packed in sensible quantities for garden growers.  With more than half of our range costing just 50p per packet, monthly special offers and lots of growing information and ideas for eating, you have found the best place for affordable high quality seeds to sow, grow, eat and enjoy.





                            Great Offers for This May only.  



      KALE_GREEN_CURLED_DWARF  LEEK_HANNIBAL  sweet_corn_golden_phoenix

Spring gardening for fabulous flavours couldn’t be easier then with this special offer that gives you lots of lovely veggies and a fabulous 33% saving

One packet each of:

Kale Green Curled Dwarf

         Leek Hannibal

  Spring Onion Ramrod

Spinach Celesta F1

Sweet Corn Golden Phoenix

                            Full price £2.75              with over 33% off all 5 are just £1.85





   Pumpkin_bliss_f1   pumpkin_magical_f1  pumpkin_Mammoth_Gold

Pumpkin fun!

One packet each of:

Bliss F1 with mottled combinations of green and orange for

     the skin and a deep yellow to orange flesh: fruits 4-7kg

Magical featuring a bold dark orange skin, rounded fruits with

     well flavoured flesh & strong ‘handles’: fruit 7-10kg

Mammoth Gold with UK weather fruits grow to 9-11kg, with

     perfect conditions you might see 15-20kg

   Full price £2.90           with a BIG saving, almost 40%,  £1.75



              radish_supernova   Radish_tarzan

Enjoy zesty colour and flavour that add appeal to any meal.  Pace your crop by sowing a little every week and you will be able to pull a clump at a time – cut off the tops and store the roots in the fridge and as you finish them the next clump will be ready!

One packet each of:

Daikon     •     Supernova    •     Tarzan F1

                                                  Full price £1.50  3 for the price of 2 so just £1.00



 Batavian, also known as ‘summer crisp’ are midway between a crisphead and a softer leaf type. Some, like Arianna, can be grown as a baby leaf.   Batavian can form large heads.  You can harvest a few outer leaves at a time and grow on the plants or cut the whole head.  With good flavours these are all perfect for adding a little crunchy texture to your salads

One packet each of:

Arianna     •     Maravilla de Verano     •     Red Grenoble



                                                  Full price £1.50  3 for the price of 2 so just £1.00







    Fantastic Choices in Both Popular and Unusual Varieties

Tomato salad vegetable seeds section      carrot vegetable seeds section        chilli vegetable seeds section

Tomatoes 69 TastyChoices          Carrots 42 Tasty Choices               Chilli 33 Tasty Choices


 beans unusual section herb seeds selection flower seeds selection

 Unusual Beans and pods             Huge Herb Section with 88       Fantastic Range of 142 Flower Choices 






A little of what our customers say.....

 " I was amazed to receive my seeds today, having only ordered them yesterday afternoon, that is very impressive. Nice clear instructions too, will definitely recommend you to others and order more from you in the future, it's great to just be able to order small amounts at such good prices. Keep up the good work! " Debbie D, Lacashire

 "Just sent you this year's order, and wanted to say how great last year's seeds were. The lettuces in particular and the squash collection was brilliant. More Veg is such a great company - wishing you all the very best for this season." Heidi T, Norfolk   










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In this case the name really does say it all: this lettuce is super, it is red and it is a romaine!  The long spoon shaped leaves, turning to ruby with green veins, grow into a loose conical shape that can be 25-30cm tall.  This is an incredible edible with flavour, crunch and colour.

Price for 75 seeds.

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Pumpkin Feature

Pumpkin Feature

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