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 At MoreVeg you will discover more than...


1100 - The number of varieties of delicious vegetables, tasty herbs, fabulous flowers and helpful green manures
665 - The number of our seed varieties that cost just 50p each
60 – The number of special offers and collections during the year to help you save even more money & help you grow your own garden feast
1st  - We post 1st class to you, we aim to give you 1st class service, our range is 1st class, our seeds are 1st for freshness, choice and value
Sow, grow, eat and enjoy MoreVeg seeds: you can write reviews of your favourate varieties and recommend them too.





             Special Septeber Offers For This Month Only.  

                      Plus a special review offer.




 pea_douce_provence cabbage_copenhagan_market radish_saxa

Sow these choices in September to grow more in your garden for the weeks and months ahead:

as you are busy harvesting you will be creating spaces waiting to be filled with more tasty veg

One packet each of:

Pea Douce Provence

Cabbage Copenhagan Market Early

Chicory Red Rib

Lettuce Winter Density

Radish Saxa

Kale Bolshoi


                        Full price £3.00       superb saving 25% off -  £2.25


                                     mustard_leaf_garnet_giant   ORIENTAL_MUSTARD_LEAF_GREEN_IN_SNOW

Add a bit of peppery warmth in autumn salads and for cooking (you can steam them, stir fry them, pop in soups or add to stews). Mustard leaves are milder when young or when cooked: if they start to flower then those can be eaten too!

One packet each of:

Garnet Giant – stunning bright purple & mild

Golden Streaks – feathery leaves, bright green almost yellow in the sun

Green in Snow – broad leaf, hardy for the winter


Full price £1.50     Three for two so ONLY -  £1.00


             endeve_cornet_de_bordeaux   Leaf_Beet_Perpetual_Spinach  mibuna      

I love the fact that with these varieties I can choose to cook them on cooler days or eat them in a salad when the sun comes out

One packet each of:

Endive Cornet De Bordeux – try it braised

Chinese Cabbage Wa Wa Sai – lightly steam or add fresh to salads on warmer days

Perpetual Spinach – very tasty cooked or raw

Mibuna – in salads, steam or stir fry

                                           Full price £2.00                    save 25% only -  £1.50



                  spinach_giant_noble    spinach_mississippi_f1

These three lovely choices will ensure you have the freshest, best flavoured spinach it is possible to have.  Go on, treat yourself

One packet each of:

Giant Noble – heirloom flavour, smooth leaves

Python F1 – arrowhead deep green leaves

Mississippi F1 – enjoy from baby leaf to full size

Full price £1.50      Three for two so ONLY -  £1.00



                             Special Review Offer

Don’t forget to review your favourites and receive a 15% saving for any orders placed this month.  In case you missed how to do this…


Simply visit our site and go to the variety you would like to review. Click on that variety and on the right hand side just beneath ‘add to basket’ box is a link marked “Recommend” click on that and away you go

Please don’t limit yourself to veggies, you can rave on about flowers or wax lyrical about herbs


sweet_pea_old_price_matucana    beans_edamame



    Fantastic Choices in Both Popular and Unusual Varieties

Tomato salad vegetable seeds section      carrot vegetable seeds section        chilli vegetable seeds section

Tomatoes 69 TastyChoices          Carrots 42 Tasty Choices               Chilli 33 Tasty Choices


 beans unusual section herb seeds selection flower seeds selection

 Unusual Beans and pods             Huge Herb Selection                   Fantastic Range of Flowers






A little of what our customers say.....

 " I was amazed to receive my seeds today, having only ordered them yesterday afternoon, that is very impressive. Nice clear instructions too, will definitely recommend you to others and order more from you in the future, it's great to just be able to order small amounts at such good prices. Keep up the good work! " Debbie D, Lacashire

 "Just sent you this year's order, and wanted to say how great last year's seeds were. The lettuces in particular and the squash collection was brilliant. More Veg is such a great company - wishing you all the very best for this season." Heidi T, Norfolk   










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